5 reasons to move to the cloud

Cloud technology

As the 2016 Xero Accounting Partner of the Year, MHA Carpenter Box is a big advocate of the cloud. And with Making Tax Digital nearly on our doorstep, cloud accounting will ensure you comply with the new government digital tax requirements.

There is an endless number of cloud-based tools that can help with every aspect of your business, not just the finances. Technology is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. The cloud solutions available to small and medium-sized businesses are helping owners to focus on what they do best. These tools are bringing innovation, increased efficiency and improved profitability to even the smallest business.

Below, we discuss the top advantages for small businesses looking to switch to cloud computing, and how it can help you grow your business.

1. Save money

Traditionally, a small business spends money licensing software or buying packages to install onto individual computers. Cloud computing, on the other hand, can provide ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) – including many programs that are available individually. This software is stored on a remote server instead of on your hard drive so you don’t need a high-end computer to use them.

The automation provided by cloud computing can also save businesses money. Many companies have slashed their IT overheads because their service providers now take care of updates and program maintenance for them.

2. Flexibility

Data storage is one of the core SaaS offerings of cloud computing. It allows business to access huge databases of information without having to operate their own floors of servers – even large corporates.

This outsourcing means that instead of having to invest in more hard drives and servers to increase capacity, a growing business can simply store everything on the cloud. All you need is an internet connection and devices to access it.

3. Improve reliability

Cloud computing is proving that software as a service (rather than a product) is more reliable. When you have multiple staff using a single programme, rather than individual copies, the service provides directly manage the software and can deal with issues immediately.

Fewer problems arise because software isn’t being downloaded onto individual computers, which may contain other programmes that the software might not be compatible with.

4. Improve security

Security is one of the biggest concerns around cloud computing. Users are particularly concerned with handing over responsibility for data security to their service providers. However, the National Cyber Security Centre highlights that a well-engineered SaaS is better for security because you get the benefit of security at scale. Your provider will be looking across all of their customers and connections to observe security patterns. This ensures you are protected before any problems reach your business.

5. Evolved IT

The cost and time savings demonstrated by using cloud technology can be promoted as an advantage in business plans. It’s not just an alternative choice to traditional IT set-ups – but an evolution of IT thinking. It can be applied to make a business leaner and more effective at service delivery.

The life-cycle cost savings of cloud technology is as high as 50% for companies using large numbers of in-house servers. Add to that, the elimination of service interruptions caused by traditional IT issues, such as downloading updates and fixing system errors, and your company can move forward a lot faster than your competition.

The Verdict

At MHA Carpenter Box, we believe cloud technology is the way forward for business. The constant evolution and adaptions have opened up a whole new world of innovation for business.

Our cloud accounting team has specialist knowledge and can provide a range of services, including system implementation and training.

If you have any questions around cloud accounting and how we can help streamline your business, please get in touch with our team on 01903 234094.