A week in the life of an audit trainee at Carpenter Box

Starting as an audit trainee at Carpenter Box opens the door to a week of learning and building connections. From the moment you step into the Worthing office, a blend of structured induction and hands-on experiences awaits, setting the tone for an exciting professional adventure.

Day 1: A warm welcome and induction

The week commences with a 9 am arrival at Carpenter Box’s Worthing office, where the Human Resources team extends a warm welcome. The morning unfolds with a comprehensive induction session, providing insights into the company’s ethos and a detailed introduction to Carpenter Box. As a thoughtful gesture, you’ll receive a welcome goodie bag and your very own laptop.

Amelia House: your workspace

At lunchtime, the journey takes you to Amelia House, the vibrant hub of the Worthing audit department. This open-plan office, located just across from the main office features a collab table, an internal meeting room, and even a foosball table for lunch breaks. Amelia House is where your audit career will unfold if you are based in the Worthing office.

If your position is based in the Crawley office, you will spend the first day meeting your colleagues in the Worthing office and then you will be introduced to the Crawley audit department the following day. The two teams work closely together and it is a great way to network and visit both offices.

Meet your mentor and the team

Here, you’ll be introduced to your mentor and fellow team members. Depending on the day, you might encounter a quieter office atmosphere or a bustling space with numerous new faces. Some of your new colleagues may be working on site or working from home, due to our flexible working policy. However, your mentor will guide you through the dynamics of the team, ensuring a smooth integration into the Carpenter Box community.

Diving into the work: varied and dynamic

During your first afternoon and subsequent working days, you will delve into various aspects of the audit trainee role. Your mentor will show you the variety of software that is integral to the team’s operations. The work, ranging from accounts preparation to audit planning and testing, offers a dynamic and varied experience.

Hands-on learning and mentor support

As an audit trainee at Carpenter Box, the approach is hands-on. Whether you’re shadowing your mentor or taking the lead on certain tasks, the hot-desk setup ensures proximity to guidance. Colleagues are readily available to answer questions, fostering a supportive environment conducive to skill development.

Embarking on a week as an audit trainee at Carpenter Box is more than a routine; it’s a journey of growth, knowledge, and building connections.

Ready to kickstart your career in audit? Explore exciting opportunities and register your interest for the next intake of our Traineeship Program and be a part of the Carpenter Box experience.