Another successful METALL event

Taking innovation to market
Case studies with Elekta and Ceres Power

Following from the successful launch of our new manufacturing group, METALL #2 saw Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology businesses join Carpenter Box, asb law and CBSbutler at Roffey Park near Horsham.

The event gave a fascinating insight into the ways in which two very different local businesses have brought new products to market. We were privileged to hear from Bruce Girvan of Horsham based Ceres Power and Kevin Brown of Crawley based Elekta.

ceres and elekta
Bruce Girvan from Ceres Power and Kevin Brown from Elekta

The power of innovation

Elekta and Ceres Power may be in very different fields, but both demonstrated how innovation – the seed of an idea – is developed from conception to market. With Elekta, a brand new concept, the MR-linac was built and commissioned and with Ceres Power, their fuel cell technology has come to market and is set to revolutionise perceptions around home power generation.

Elekta, with around a team of around 900 at their expanding Manor Royal site in Crawley, are the world’s second-largest supplier of radiotherapy equipment. Ceres Power is a relatively new company and is much smaller, but has already developed a production line capable of delivering around 8 million of their fuel cells a year.

Chichester University’s new Engineering and Digital Technology Park

Metall #2 also heard from Professor Seamus Higson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Chichester. Seamus updated METALL attendees on the new Engineering and Digital Technology Park on the university’s Bognor Regis Campus, where construction of a landmark building is about to commence and will open in 2018.

Through the development of the Engineering and Digital Technology Park, the university is looking to deliver 500 new science, technology, engineering and mathematics students per annum in Bognor Regis by 2021. All of these students will graduate with professional accreditations, as well as practical industry experience. You can read more about the campus developments here.

Future meetings

Issues that came out in the subsequent Q&A session and will carry forward to future METALL meetings include:

  • Protecting intellectual property
  • The skills gap
  • Funding R&D
  • Benefiting from tax breaks available

For more on METALL please visit or get in touch with our team on 01903 234094.

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