Buy to Let and Brexit – an uncertain future?

cre-btl-issue-2-front-pageTogether with our colleagues across our national accountancy association MHA, we are producing a series of articles on the changes facing Buy to Let landlords.

The first issue of four was released in June and looked at how the Summer 2015 budget announcements have impacted the market as well as examples of how upcoming tax rules will work in practice for landlords. Our second instalment of the series entitled ‘Buy to Let and Brexit, an Uncertain Future’ is now available for you to download.

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This issue contains commentary about the Buy to Let market post-Brexit, information about tax mitigation and an update on the residential mortgage market. We have also included a short survey to uncover some key trends in the Buy to Let market. Please take two minutes to complete this and we will report on the findings in the next edition.

Our Buy to Let publication is just one of the ways we can help Buy to Let businesses and individuals. Whatever size your property portfolio, we have experience that can help you meet your strategic goals and grow your business.

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