Carpenter Box Inter Office Adventure

On Sunday 2nd July we ran our latest fundraising event for the Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation.

A group of dedicated staff members laced up their shoes and hopped on their bikes to participate in the Inter Office walk/cycle/run. The event boasted a diverse range of routes, catering to different fitness levels and interests. In celebration of Carpenter Box’s 100th year of business, the goal was to raise money for the Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation and have a blast while doing it!

What were the routes?

  • London to Worthing cycle (approximately 65 miles)
  • Gatwick to Worthing cycle (approximately 30 miles)
  • Brighton to Worthing run/walk (approximately 11.5 miles)
  • Chichester to Worthing walk (approximately 13 miles)

London to Worthing cycle

The morning kicked off with an awe-inspiring cycling adventure. Dec Johnson, Jevan McRae, and Mike Davis set their alarms early and embarked on the arduous 65-mile journey from London to Worthing. As the first rays of sunlight pierced through the city skyline, they mounted their bikes at the London office, in Hanover Square, and began their exhilarating southward odyssey. Undeterred by the challenging terrain and one minor accident, these resilient cyclists conquered every hill and valley, arriving at the finish line with beaming smiles of accomplishment.

Cyclists group photo - start line

Gatwick to Worthing cycle

Simultaneously, Managing Partner; Alan Edwards, Senior Partner; John Billings, and Mike Burgess embarked on the Gatwick to Worthing cycle, covering a distance of approximately 30 miles. Inspired by the audacious efforts of their London to Worthing counterparts, they commenced their journey from the Crawley office, their determined spirits fuelling their every pedal stroke. Their unwavering dedication propelled them towards the Worthing office, where the entire group eagerly awaited their triumphant arrival.

Brighton to Worthing run and walk

For those who preferred a different type of fundraising challenge, the Brighton to Worthing run was a perfect choice. Split into two groups: Rob Lee, Jonny Matthews, and Sam Harrison arrived at the Brighton office at 9am, ready to tackle the 11.5-mile coastal run; whilst, Tom Reed, Kirsty Kerr and the chosen walkers; Christine Tagaully, Karen Capelin and George Renshaw-Fox left at 10am. With the waves crashing and the sun shining, both groups embarked on a memorable journey along the coastline, dodging the road works along Shoreham! Each member of the first trio triumphantly completed the distance before 11:30am, setting an impressive pace.

Chichester to Worthing walkers

Finally let us not overlook the courageous Chichester to Worthing walkers! Divided into two captivating halves – Arundel to Chichester (David Hopper and Holly Mitchell) and Arundel to Worthing (Kira McKinney, Paula Nurse, Robin Evans, Alex Chidwick and John Neale) – this scenic trek covered a total of approximately 13-14 miles. With a leisurely pace, the participants immersed themselves in the tranquillity of their surroundings, cherishing every step on this remarkable journey.


After all the hard work and exhilarating adventures, everyone gathered at the Worthing office to indulge in a well-deserved treat: pizza! Laughter filled the room as participants shared their stories, triumphs, and challenges. It was a celebration of achievement, teamwork, and most importantly, a united effort to make a positive impact on the local community.

How much did they raise?

We are thrilled to announce that the inter-office cycle/walk/run event was a tremendous success, raising an impressive £1,648.84 (including Gift Aid) for the Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants who contributed their time, effort, and enthusiasm to make this fundraising event a resounding triumph!