English Wine Week 2023: Celebrating the Best of Homegrown Wines

What is English wine week?

Carpenter Box is excited to celebrate English Wine Week once again, running from 18th June 2023 – 26th June 2023. This annual WineGB event aims to raise awareness of English wines and their availability across the country. This year, we encourage you to join us in celebrating the unique and wonderful wines produced right here in England.

The blossoming Wine Industry

The English Wine Industry has continued to flourish and today, there are over 700 vineyards in England and Wales, producing a wide range of sparkling and still wines. English wines have gained recognition on the world stage, winning numerous international awards and accolades. Several international wine experts have recently named English sparkling wine as one of the best in the world.

At Carpenter Box, we have been providing accountancy and tax advisory services to vineyards and wineries for many years. We are proud to support the entire process, from planting vines to producing bottles of wine.

Celebrate and discover the wines of England

English Wine Week offers the perfect opportunity to learn more about homegrown wines and sample something different from your usual. You can visit a local vineyard, and many of these offer guided tours, a great opportunity to see how the fruit is turned into the wonderful wine we love. In addition, many vineyards offer wine tastings, sparkling afternoon tea, and cheese boards paired with local wines. It’s the perfect way to celebrate and support the local wine industry.

There are vineyards in nearly every county of England. Much of the acreage lies in the southeast part of England, more specifically, Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire. These areas have the ideal climate and soil for producing high-quality grapes, leading to some of the best wines in the country. Visiting a local vineyard not only supports the industry but also allows you to discover the unique characteristics of wines from different regions.

Where can I buy English wine?

If you can’t visit a vineyard, you can still celebrate English Wine Week by trying a bottle from your local supermarket, independent wine merchant, hotel, pub or restaurant. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy these wines and celebrate in style.

We are proud to be a gold patron of WineGB, the association for grape growers and winemakers in England and Wales. WineGB provides support and advocacy for the industry, helping to raise awareness and promote the quality and diversity of English wines.

We encourage you to raise a glass of English wine, discover new flavours, and support our local vineyards. Join us in celebrating this unique and wonderful industry during English Wine Week 2023. Cheers!

We are proud to work with many Vineyards and Wineries across Sussex and the South East. To find out how we can help, get in touch with one of our specialist Vineyard team on 01903 234094.