Charity annual return now available online

The Charity Commission, which is the relevant body for charities registered in England and Wales, announced recently that its latest annual return is now available and can be found on the GOV.UK website.

All registered charities, in England and Wales, with an income exceeding £10,000 and all Charitable Incorporated Organisations reporting on their financial years ending in 2016 must complete the online form within ten months of the end of their financial year. Part of the data submitted is used to populate the Charity Commission’s online public register of charities, which is a key source of data about charities in England and Wales.

The Charity Commission would like trustees to be aware that the function to view and amend details about a charity’s trustees, contact addresses and emails is now separate from the annual return, so these details can be updated at any time. Charities will also be asked to confirm that this information is correct before submitting their annual return.

David Holdsworth, Chief Operating Officer at the Charity Commission comments:

‘We are delighted to announce the official launch of the 2016 annual return in both English and Welsh. This is a first for the commission and is also part of our commitment to becoming a truly digital by default regulator. We have worked closely with the sector to ensure we are providing easy to use services that help trustees comply with their filing duties.

Although charities have 10 months from the end of their financial year to complete their annual return, we urge them not to wait until then. We also encourage them to take a minute to make sure their information is up to date, and to use the built-in customer feedback to tell us what they think.’

The Commission is also taking this opportunity to remind trustees that filing their charity’s annual return on time is essential so that:

  • They are accountable to the regulator
  • Transparent in their activities for the benefit of the public
  • Demonstrate compliance to their donors

Please contact our Not for Profit team on 01903 234094 for further information on charity returns and accounts or any guidance in this area.

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