Charity fraud awareness week

Carpenter Box is proud to support Charity Fraud Awareness Week 2022

Every charity, NGO and not-for-profit is susceptible to fraud and cybercrime by criminals exploiting them. Charities need to be aware of the risks and take steps to keep their money, people, and data secure.

Charity Fraud Awareness Week creates a safe space for charities, NGOs, not-for-profits and their supporters to talk about fraud and how to prevent it.

Now in its seventh year, Charity fraud awareness week is an award-winning campaign, run by a partnership of charities, regulators, representatives, umbrella bodies and other not-for-profit stakeholders, across the world.

Its aim is to bring together the third sector to share knowledge, expertise, and good practice in fraud prevention, at a time when many in the sector continue to remain susceptible to fraud and cybercrime.

We encourage all third-sector organisations to sign up, particularly at a time when, more than ever before, charities need to be aware of the risks from fraud and take appropriate steps to ensure their money, people and data are kept safe.

For more information about Charity Fraud Awareness Week visit: and/or join the conversation at: #StopCharityFraud