Have you considered campaigning or political activity?

11 Key Steps for Trustees, 1 Giant Leap for your Charity: Month 7

We have now reached month 7 of our governance guide to Trustees which focuses on campaigning, lobbying and political activity. At a time of funding austerity, it may be that campaigning is a highly effective way to achieve your charitable aims. Whilst there have been calls to reduce some of the provisions of the Lobbying Act to make it less onerous for charities, this should not necessarily be a barrier to campaigning.

Step 7: Campaigning, Lobbying and Political Activity

There are some charities that have always embraced campaigning as an important aspect of their work. Others have just started such activities more recently, perhaps in the face of funding cuts, to protect the rights of their beneficiaries. However, there is an increasing view that many charities are discouraged from campaigning, due to fears of being criticised by the public or politicians, or the possibility of regulatory intervention by the Charity Commission.

Did you know: Charities have twice as much earned income as donations 

In this month’s article, we demystify the rules on charity campaigning and lobbying to empower charities to undertake such activities if their trustees choose to do so.

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