Durrington High School Careers Day 2018

The MHA Carpenter Box team with Karen Jefford, Careers Leader at Durrington High School

Recently, four of our team were delighted to be invited along to attend Durrington High School’s Careers Day. This annual event for year 10s allows students to explore their options after school through interacting with and hearing from a range of employers and further education representatives.

Amber Constable, Isabella Roozbehan, Lisa Neale and Rachael Topping headed to the High School on the morning of 16th May with slight apprehension, not knowing exactly how the day would pan out. But when we arrived we were greeted with hot drinks and biscuits and told a bit more about what we would be doing that day.

The students were to attend a carousel of 5 activities over the course of the day: mock interviews, CV workshop, “What’s My Line”, transitioning to College/Apprenticeships/University and volunteering.

Our team of four were then split into two – with Amber and Lisa helping with the mock interviews and Isabella and Rachael taking part in “What’s My Line”. Here is our roundup from the day:

Mock Interviews

by Lisa Neale

I found it a bit nerve-wracking to start with (I don’t really have a lot of experience of being an interviewer), but after the first couple I got into the swing of it and was able to have some pretty good conversations with the students. Most of them were really engaged in the activity and had prepared some good examples to the standard interview questions, and some questions to ask about the jobs they were applying for – which put me on the spot a bit as I have no idea how many dogs a dog walker will have walk at once, or what sort of training would be provided! Hopefully, the students won’t base any career decisions on my responses!

I only encountered one student who was not interested in participating, which was a shame, but overall I was impressed with the students I saw. Hopefully, they all learnt some new skills which will help them in the future. I’ve certainly come away with some new skills and overall it was a very worthwhile day.

What’s My Line

by Rachael Topping

The What’s My Line activity (based on the 60s game show) was a fun and great way to get the students engaged in different careers. Sat around the edge of the room were 12 different employers ranging from council representatives, an engineer and a port worker. In pairs, students then sat across from each of us and had two minutes to guess our jobs by only asking yes or no questions. After two minutes they then made their guess and moved onto the next employee and so it continued! Once they had made their way full circle we each, in turn, stood up, announced our job role and told the students a little bit about what we do, how we got there and a bit of advice.

Some naturally did better at the guessing part than others by building on the answers I gave them rather than moving on to another random question. Two minutes is quite a short amount of time to figure out someone’s job but some of them did guess mine, with a bit of encouragement and a few clues! But I think it was good to open their eyes to potential jobs they may not have considered or even heard about before.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in terms of student engagement but for the most part, I think they seemed to get a lot out of the sessions. It was great to hear what some of them had planned for life after school and I was amazed by a few who seem to have a detailed plan in place! For those who didn’t have a plan, it felt good to reassure them that it was quite normal not to know yet and that they shouldn’t feel pressured into a certain route just because their classmates were heading that way.

Overall, we all really enjoyed the day and thought it was very well organised. Thank you to Karen and the team for inviting us and we look forward to next year!