Durrington High School Careers Day

Three willing volunteers from MHA Carpenter Box attended Durrington High School’s career day to participate in an activity called ‘What’s my line?’. Siobhan, Tasha and Olivia have shared their experience from the day:


Left to right: Olivia Barr, Siobhan McCann, Karen Jefford (Durrington High School), Tasha Price

“We didn’t really know what to expect but on arrival we were offered hot drinks and biscuits so we were off to a good start! A group of slightly nervous looking adults waited in the library where we all got chatting. It became apparent that the day was pretty full on and the students were in for 5 sessions ranging from CV writing to personality tests and our session would soon become known as the ‘fun’ one!!

There was a wide range of professions including a comedian, an agricultural lecturer, a kung-fu coach, an RAF officer, and a police officer to name just a few! We were split into groups and whisked through the school to our designated rooms for the day. The bell sounded and the hordes of children were then out in the corridors making their way to their first lesson.

We sat in our seats and awaited the year 10 pupils. In they came scrambling for a chair sat in pairs opposite us, wondering what they were supposed to do. The teacher explained the aim of the game was to ask us questions in the 2 and a half minutes of time allocated and the questions could only be answered by way of a YES, NO or PASS!

Questions Questions Questions…

Timer set and we were off. Some of them clearly had a different idea, turned to the page of possible jobs listed and asked as follows:
Are you an air hostess?
Are you a financial adviser?
Are you a life coach?

They were quickly told that we wouldn’t answer these questions so some of them referred to the list of possible questions to ask and so it went as follows:
Do you work outside?
Do you work inside?
Refer to question 1. YES

Do you work with computers?
Do you work as a team?
Do you have to have a special qualification?

Some chose to use questions of their own:
Do you like your job?
Are the clothes you are wearing today what you would wear to work?

And so it went on.

After the two and a half minutes the teacher moved them on around the room. Some groups were very enthusiastic and seemed to really engage, a few weren’t so keen but still played along as best they could.

Future Accountants?

After the allocated time, all the professionals gave a quick chat on who they were, what they do and offered advice to the students. When our jobs were revealed you heard sounds of ‘Yes’, ‘I knew it’, ‘No way’, in response to our revelations. Quite a few of them managed to guess our jobs correctly (maybe with the odd hint and helpful nudge!).

We did four sessions of the above and the children seemed to get a lot out of the day – to have a range of activities going on seemed to really work. Having a chance to speak for a few minutes at the end of each session gave us all an opportunity to ‘pitch’ the world of accountancy to a group of anxious year 10’s who are just trying to figure out, what next?

All in all, it was a great day and something different. Good to meet with students, some of which seemed really keen on the possibility of accountancy, so who knows we may one day see some of them at MHA Carpenter Box!”