Episode 2 of the Retirement Gym Podcast is available now!

The Retirement Gym is the brand new podcast brought to you by Carpenter Box Financial Advisers that aims to help you make good decisions whilst you’re planning for retirement and advises you on how to spend money when you’re actually in retirement.

Episode 2: Legal Matters in Later Life

In this episode, our Partner and the Head of Wealth Management, Roy Thompson is joined by Ian Macara who heads up the Private Client team at Bennett Griffin Solicitors in Worthing and specialises in contingency planning for life.

They discuss the importance of having a Will and Power of Attorney (POA) and the potential consequences for those who do not have one in place. Ian provides some practical steps to help you make informed choices when planning for later life and why you shouldn’t leave things to chance.

You can listen to the podcast in full here for sound advice on topics such as “creating a will” and “considerations when choosing an Attorney”.

Listen to the Podcast here

Keep a lookout for our next podcast which will be released in March!

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