Five minute guides for charity trustees

The Charity Commission has recently issued a handful of bite size guides for trustees. The guides are easily digestible and aim to support trustees in delivering good governance to the charities that they act for. The current economic and social climate makes the challenges and demands facing trustees even greater so the introduction of these simple ‘go to’ guides are welcomed.

There are five guides covering each of the following areas:

1. Charity purposes and rules

Trustees have a duty to ensure the charity is carrying out the purpose for which it was set-up. This guide focuses on the importance of using the charity’s governing document to understand the charity’s purpose, who it is there to benefit and what the charity can or cannot do.  

2. Making decisions as a charity

Trustees must make balanced and informed decisions. At the heart of this guide are the principles that trustees should use to guide decision-making and how trustees can get the relevant information they need to make informed and appropriate decisions.  

3. Managing charity finances

Protecting the charity’s money and using the charity’s funds appropriately are key responsibilities for trustees. This guide explains the importance of designing and implementing financial controls, keeping accurate financial records and monitoring the charity’s financial position.

4. Managing conflicts of interest in a charity

Trustees must ensure that serious conflicts of interest are avoided and that any other conflicts that arise are dealt with appropriately. This guide explains how to identity, deal with, and keep records of such conflicts.

5. What to file with the commission and what support is available

Reporting to and communicating with the Charity Commission are fundamentals of a trustee’s role. Sources of support, how to deal with serious problems, how to update the charity’s register and how to file the annual return and accounts are all covered in this guide.

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