July fundraising from the Mental Health Champions

As part of their centenary festivities, each working group at Carpenter Box has a designated month to orchestrate events that will help generate funds for the Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation. The month of July was embraced by the Mental Health Champions, an impassioned and empathetic community embedded within Carpenter Box. Let’s explore their commendable fundraising endeavour!

What do the Mental Health Champions do?

The Mental Health Champions assume a crucial role in fostering a culture of well-being and support. They actively work to create a safe environment where employees can openly discuss and address their mental health concerns in the professional workplace. 

Through organising informative sessions, providing resources, and offering a compassionate ear, the Mental Health Champions play a vital part in promoting mental health awareness and destigmatisation. Their presence contributes to enhanced employee morale, a more inclusive workplace, and ultimately fostering a positive atmosphere for everyone.

Ultimately, the Mental Health Champions bolsters the comprehensive welfare, contentment, and engagement of staff, cultivating an environment conducive to the thriving of all individuals involved.

July’s fundraising: staff car wash

The Mental Health Champions rolled their sleeves up and got their cleaning products ready, as they organised a highly popular car washing service exclusively for Carpenter Box staff in return for a donation to the Charitable Foundation.

This thoughtful offering ranged from essential basic car washes to more comprehensive services, including thorough vacuuming, meticulous dashboard dusting, and even the convenient topping up of windscreen washer fluid. 

The event not only showcased their dedication to supporting the charitable cause but also provided a tangible and enjoyable experience for the staff, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie within the workplace.

How much did they raise?

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated members of the Mental Health Champions who took the time to make our days (and cars) a little more brighter.

Together they raised a grand total of: £626.25 (with Gift Aid).

Let’s applaud the Mental Health Champions Working Group for their fantastic efforts in supporting the Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation during this centenary year!

In September, the spotlight will be on the Sustainability working group and their fundraising activities throughout the month.