Keeping Your Charity on the Right Track: Cyber Security

In month 10 of our Keeping your Charity on the Right Track guide, we are focussing on cyber security and what actions you can take to reduce the risk, and impact, of a cyber attack on your organisation.

Month 10: Cyber Security – threat or no threat?

There is no doubt that cyber security is a threat to us all, whether small or large, profit making or not, a business or an individual. Unfortunately, charities can sometimes be seen as soft targets. A typical charity only spends 25% of what a similar sized business would spend on cyber security, despite the valuable data they hold. It is often the case that shortcuts are taken in protecting a charity against cyber-attacks due to cost restraints, and because the actual threat is under-estimated. However, some of the essential protections that can be put in place are neither expensive nor complicated.

At the end of the day, trustees must recognise their responsibility to protect your organisation’s data, people, finances and reputation.

Checklist for Month 10:

  1. Lead by example, from your board down.
  2. In compiling your risk register, has the risk of a cyber-attack and your reaction to it been fully considered?
  3. Review your systems, processes and procedures. Are they up to scratch?
  4. Are your users properly trained?
  5. Do you meet the essentials of cyber security?
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