Keeping your Charity on the Right Track: Reporting

Welcome to month 7 of our Keeping your Charity on the Right Track series, where we will be focussing on how to effectively report your organisation’s activities and outcomes externally.

Month 7 – Reporting

Communication with the outside world has never been more important. Ensuring your organisation successfully communicates what you are doing and the difference you are making to your beneficiaries can mean the difference between future funding being awarded or not.

Reporting outcomes to the wider public in a way that clearly demonstrates the impact of your work should be a hallmark of a successful charity. When done, certain aspects of the information within the report can usually be reused and replicated in a number of ways. But writing this type of report can sometimes be the hardest part.

Checklist for Month 7:

  1. Assess whether you gather the right kind of information that will allow you to write a meaningful report.
  2. Review your communications with the outside world. Categorise those that you have to do and those that you choose to do.
  3. Assess where material can be written once, and the time invested can be used over and over in different reports, applications, etc.
  4. Involve other teams early on to assist with populating reports and hold a session to set everyone on the right track.
  5. Be bold – you do great work and your charity makes a difference. Make sure your communications at every point demonstrate that.
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This governance guide for charities has been produced with along with colleagues in our national accountancy association MHA. For further advice on reporting or any of the topics raised in the guide, please get in touch with our team on 01903 234094.