May Fundraising: Carpenter Box’s Sports and Social Working Group

Carpenter Box is celebrating its centenary year of business. As part of our year-long festivities, each working group at Carpenter Box has been given a month to organise engaging fundraising activities aimed at raising funds for the Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation.

May was the fundraising month for the Sports and Social Working Group, and they certainly did not disappoint.

Sports and Social Working Group

The Sports and Social group is one of the longest serving working groups at Carpenter Box. The members include staff from all offices, and they plan the firm’s social events throughout the year.

These events include pool nights, our regular First Friday drinks, comedy nights and games nights. They were well placed to start our fundraising activities!

What did May’s events include?

Heads or Tails Game

The month kicked off on Saturday 6th May, with the much-awaited 100-year celebration staff party. The theme for the party Dress to Impress: Through the Ages.

One of the highlights was the Heads or Tails game. Participants had to make a guess for heads or tails, and progress through the rounds. Amy Bowen emerged as the lucky winner, bagging an indulgent prosecco rose hamper. Cheers to Amy and her uncanny guessing skills!

Best Drawn Cartoon Competition

On Tuesday 9th May, people in the office and working from home were buzzing with creativity as the Best Drawn Cartoon fundraising competition took place. Staff from both the Worthing and Crawley offices showcased their artistic talents, and the results were impressive. Congratulations to Debbie Burbidge from the Worthing office and James Worthington from the Crawley office for their fantastic drawings!

Lob a Sponge at a Partner Day

May 17th saw the most popular fundraiser event of the month. The Crawley and Worthing offices collaborated to host a thrilling ‘Lob a Sponge at a Partner’ day. Staff members eagerly paid to have a chance to lob a sponge at one of the partners or throw a bucket for an additional donation. Laughter echoed throughout the offices as sponges soared through the air, making this event a memorable success!

Best Paper Aeroplane Flight Competition

Taking flight on Wednesday 24th May, the Best Paper Aeroplane Flight competition brought out the competitive spirit in the Carpenter Box team. Colleagues put their folding skills to the test, creating impressive paper aircraft. The final battle was intense, with three staff members vying for victory. In the end, Jevan’s aeroplane soared the furthest, earning him the well-deserved title of champion.

Charity Pool Night

To close the month with a bang, a thrilling Charity Pool Night was organized on Friday 26th May. Attendees were randomly paired into teams of two, creating an electric atmosphere of camaraderie and friendly competition. After intense matches, Ross and Dec emerged as the ultimate pool masters, taking home the winning trophy!

How much did they raise?

The Sports and Social Working Group at Carpenter Box certainly left their mark on May’s fundraising efforts. From the exhilarating game of Heads or Tails to the creative cartoon competition, the lobbing of sponges at partners, and the impressive paper aeroplane flights, each event was brimming with fun and excitement.

Together they raised a grand total of: £1,221.25 (with Gift Aid).

Let’s applaud the Sports and Social Working Group for their fantastic efforts in supporting the Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation during this centenary year!

Next month the spotlight will be on the LGBTQIA+ group and their fundraising activities throughout June.