October 100 year fundraising

As part of our centennial celebrations, each working group at Carpenter Box has been granted a dedicated month to organise fundraising initiatives in support of the Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation. In October, it was the turn of the Your Voice Working Group, a dedicated group that takes staff ideas around well-being, development and the firm, and channels them into workable and effective ideas to improve and enhance the business.

What does the Your Voice Working Group Do?

The Your Voice Working Group is a vital entity within the workplace, serving as a dedicated conduit for staff ideas and aspirations. Their primary objective is to harness the collective insights of the employees, focusing on staff well-being, professional development, and the overall growth of the organisation. This group plays a pivotal role in translating these ideas into actionable and effective strategies that enhance the business.

October Fundraising Efforts

Before we dive into October’s fundraising efforts, let’s take a moment to appreciate what our Your Voice Working Group accomplished in October. Their creativity and dedication were on full display with a range of exciting activities:

Company Quiz

The Your Voice working group kicked off their campaign with a thrilling digital lunchtime quiz that brought together Carpenter Box staff from various offices. With 50 intriguing questions spread across 5 rounds, the competitive spirit was palpable, and the turnout was nothing short of impressive. The marketing team emerged victorious, claiming the title as the quiz champions in an event that not only bolstered camaraderie but also significantly contributed to their fundraising efforts.

Halloween sweepstakes

In addition to the quiz, the team organised Halloween sweepstakes, adding an element of suspense to the celebrations. Staff eagerly selected squares within a grid of two games for a mere £1, hoping to be the lucky guesser. On Halloween, a random online generator revealed the winning square for each, and two correct guesses brought forth a delectable array of sugary treats, adding a delightful twist to the spooky festivities. The lucky winners were Dean Reynolds and Jonny Matthews.

How much did they raise?

Our sincerest thanks go out to the driven and hard working individuals who are a part of the Your Voice working group. Together they raised a grand total of: £400.19 (with Gift Aid).

Let’s applaud the Your Voice Working Group for their remarkable efforts in supporting the Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation during this centenary year!