PrimeGlobal’s Year: Record Revenue & Global Growth

In 2022/23, PrimeGlobal marked a record-breaking total annual firm revenue of $4.3 billion. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of all member firms, including Carpenter Box. This significant milestone underlines the substantial growth and robust performance of the association globally.

Renowned Recognition

The association continues to set new industry benchmarks. PrimeGlobal achieved the title of ‘Association of the Year‘ at the International Accounting Bulletin Awards in 2022. This demonstrates its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the accounting and advisory profession.

Carpenter Box is also celebrating a significant milestone, its centennial year. The relationship between PrimeGlobal’s success and our centennial celebrations highlights our shared commitment to progress and innovation.

Alan Edwards, The managing partner at Carpenter Box, leading the association towards delivering world-class finance solutions. Carpenter Box works closely with Prime Global to ensure the highest quality

“These achievements reflect PrimeGlobal’s commitment to fostering a strong, collaborative, and diverse association of accounting and advisory firms worldwide. As proud members, Carpenter Box looks forward to contributing to the association’s continued growth and success.”

Alan Edwards, Managing Partner, Carpenter Box

A Year of Major Initiatives

The past year has been exceptionally dynamic for PrimeGlobal, marked by the launch of several significant projects and initiatives. These include My PrimeGlobal, an exclusive member-only platform that caters to professionals at all levels from member firms. PrimeGlobal also introduced a B Corp Workbook and an Annual Impact Report, prepared in line with Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) reporting standards.

Impressive Expansion

In terms of expansion, PrimeGlobal has seen a 16% increase in office numbers. The association now boasts an impressive 1,095 locations spread across 112 countries. This development firmly establishes PrimeGlobal as the leading association globally in terms of diverse reach and geographically widespread coverage.

Steve Heathcote, CEO at PrimeGlobal, leading the association towards delivering world-class finance solutions

“Our member firms are needed more than ever to provide leadership to support their clients through rapid change. It has been highly satisfying to see our members connect, share, and engage over the last year to ensure they learn from each other and collaborate to build on each other’s strengths.

The results are clear to see – our members are growing and most importantly they are even better placed to support clients with their needs anywhere in the world. Our association is growing sustainably – with a focus on doing the right thing to the best possible standard.”

Steve Heathcote, CEO, PrimeGlobal.

Key Performance Highlights

Key highlights of PrimeGlobal’s performance in 2022/23 include:

These are statistics for PrimeGlobal during 2022. The figures highlight the companies outstanding performance

Congratulations to PrimeGlobal for their impressive growth!

Carpenter Box is proud to be a part of an international association of dynamic, forward-looking and trusted business advisory and accounting firms. Furthermore, we have exciting plans in the pipeline to collaborate with other member firms which will enable us to continue delivering high-quality advice and service to our clients.