Remembrance Day

Harold Box's war medals
Harold Box’s war medals

Today is Remembrance Day where we recall and reflect on the sacrifice of those who have laid down their lives in the defence of the United Kingdom as well as other victims of conflict.

This year is significant because it marks the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme where the British Army lost in battle more men than at any time before or since. On the first day alone, we sustained over 57,000 casualties amongst which over 19,000 were killed.

Despite going over to France with the Sussex Regiment early on in 1915, one of our founders, Harold Box, survived the Great War. Had he not of course, we wouldn’t be here. After the war, Harold trained with Robert Carpenter in Brighton and their subsequent partnership is 92 years later, Carpenter Box.

As a mark of respect, both of our offices will fall silent for 2 minutes at 11am today to remember the fallen, their families and loved ones.

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