Happy Retirement Roger!

2022 is the year that he has decided to take a well earnt rest and enjoy his retirement. His retirement plans consist of: “ticking off his ‘bucket list’, not being grumpy, continuing to take the tablets and the Guinness”. Roger will miss all his teammates and clients.

Roger Biggs has seen a lot of changes over his time at Carpenter Box as a Senior Manager, highlighting that the basic client service has not changed during his career he says: “I think that the age of computers has changed the approach enormously, a change for the better, showing a mark of progress; not all changes are good, but mostly they are as they make life better”.

How did Roger end up at Carpenter Box?

He arrived from another finance firm in 2002, already hugely experienced. Roger specialised in ‘General Practice’ having a wealth of knowledge from across the board. This firm were undertaking a restructure, involving the reduction of partners and managers. This was to be their loss and Carpenter Box’s gain, as he found the transition very easy. Roger mentioned: “I was favourably impressed, mainly due to the warm reception I was given by everybody.”

“So many people around me made me feel at home.”

Roger goes onto explain more about the changes during his long and illustrious career. He said: “Dealing with clients has always been interesting and amusing, including visiting a farmer in Spring to discuss his accounts and being told to take off your jacket, roll your sleeves up and help me deliver some lambs!”   

Roger, being very much a people person, went onto say: “the most enjoyable part of working at Carpenter Box were the people. Everyone I encountered were so friendly and helpful and made office life most satisfying.  There were many happy moments over the years. Not least at the social and sporting events that took place after work, such as the cricket matches which took place at Lancing College once a year.” Roger goes on to recognise the changing of the guard: “I see excellent younger members of staff around me and they are the present and the future.”

“Accountancy is a good career choice”

His Head of Department at Carpenter Box’s Business Services Group, Kevin Blake said: “Those of us who have had the pleasure of working with Roger experienced and learnt from his professionalism, calm and considered approach to caring for his clients and his team. He is a true gentleman and I would like to wish him well in his retirement. We look forward to seeing him at Arundel cricket, Worthing rugby and Goodwood enjoying a well-earned period of leisure”.

“It has been a pleasure to know Roger as both a colleague and a friend

Kevin Blake, Partner and Head of Business Services

Carpenter Box Lead Partner Alan Edwards: “rarely does someone like Roger come along. He has not only made a fantastic contribution to our business, but has also had a significant impact on so many people at the firm on a personal level. Roger is a true gent and has been a pleasure to work with over the years.”

“I wish him all the very best in his retirement”

Alan Edwards, Managing Partner