State of the Sector: MHA Construction Sector Webinar

Hear our views on the state of the UK construction industry and its future outlook

While the industry entered 2020 in a strong position, the latest MHA Construction Sector Report shows a stark divide in today’s Construction sector, between those who were able to capitalise on the opportunities presented by COVID-19, and those who struggled to finance their way through lockdown. 

In this special webinar the construction experts from our national MHA Construction team discussed how the sector is responding to current challenges, what support the government needs to provide and the way forward for the industry.

Watch the full webinar

Topics covered in this webinar included:

  • The state of the construction sector going into the COVID pandemic
  • How the sector is responding to current challenges, including funding, employment and technology
  • The way forward for the industry
  • What support the government needs to provide the sector to address both COVID-19 and Brexit in 2021


  • Robert Dowling, Partner at MHA Carpenter Box, Head of MHA Construction & Real Estate
  • Brendan Sharkey, Partner at MHA MacIntyre Hudson, Head of Construction & Real Estate
  • Steve Plaskitt, Partner at MHA Tait Walker, Head of Construction & Real Estate
  • David Price, Finance Editor at Construction News

We also had a brief economic update from Mark Berrisford-Smith, Chief Economist at HSBC.

If you could like to discuss the findings of the report in the context of your business, please contact a member of our Construction and Real Estate team.

A version of this blog originally appeared on the website of our UK association MHA.