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Whatever adjective you might use to describe the current time, and there are many, it is unlikely to be a period that we will forget in a hurry.

What’s inside Issue 7 of The Engine?

The Government have provided unprecedented levels of support to business and encouraged manufacturers to remain open and consider if they can help the “answer the call to action” and play a “direct role in combatting COVID19”. Many manufacturers have risen to the challenge and our first article highlights a few of these.

Our second article focuses on the value of finding a way to visually engage staff toward a unified goal. The Government has managed to get us to understand “the Curve” and the need for this to be flattened as part of the fight against COVID19. We highlight a way that this can be used to focus on cash – so important at this time.

One of the ways that the Government have offered help is via CBILS (Government backed loans) but businesses need to be properly prepared ahead of any lending application. We’ve summarised a few helpful tips.

Finally we highlight the quandary that businesses face in choosing between two different types of state aid; CBILS and R&D tax reclaims because, simply a choice needs to be made.

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