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Welcome to the eighth edition of our MHA Manufacturing and Engineering publication

The COVID pandemic has undoubtedly had a significant impact on our lives and on business changing the “normal” to “new normal”.

What’s inside Issue 8 of The Engine?

Six months after the first nationwide lockdown across the UK, MHA surveyed its manufacturing clients and contacts across the country to assess the impact this was having.

We posed six questions which we intend to return to on a quarterly basis to see how the answers might change.

It was a certainly a perception that, at least initially, business had been significantly affected by the pandemic and we had heard many stories where clients have told us that business had “fallen off a cliff” in April. From more recent conversations with manufacturers this had, thankfully started to pick up. The speed of pick up, of course, depends upon many different factors so we posed the question of respondents about how long they believed it would take to return to pre COVID levels.

Finally, with the EU exit deadline fast approaching, Chris Barlow Head of Manufacturing at MHA discusses the impact of a no deal on the Manufacturing sector, and what businesses can do to prepare. Find out what our clients had to say by downloading the latest issue below.

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