‘Tour de France’ Event raises almost £300 for Charity

‘Tour de France’ Event raises almost £300 for Charity

While the Tour de France raced into its final stages, keen cyclists at Carpenter Box, held their own cycling challenge and raised almost £300 for the Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation.

Staff were encouraged to take part in the two-day cycling challenge, where two static bikes were set up in the Worthing office and one in the Gatwick office. In total 54 members of staff signed up for a 10-minute slot on one of the static bikes where their average speed was recorded; each paid a £3 donation for the ‘privilege’. Some were keen to take more than one 10-minute slot, with Tim Dockerill and Arran Osborne cycling for 30 minutes each.

Over the two days in Worthing, the highest average speed recorded by male members of staff were Ivan Fowlie (45.14 km/hr) and top prize winner Liam Kitchener (47.38 km/hr), receiving a bottle of champagne for his efforts. Female staff members were not far behind with Lara Golds recording 41.85 km/hr and Kira McKinney recording 40.20 km/hr.

The Gatwick office also put on a great performance with Andrew Neuman and Matt Foster both recording 40.20 km/hr and Amina Altaf recording the highest average speed for a female at 39.78 km/hr. The seven who cycled the highest average km/hr were rewarded with a personalised bar of Thornton’s chocolate.

From left to right: Kira McKinney, Liam Kitchener, Matt Foster and Lara Golds with their prizes.

Chris Coopey, Partner and Practice Director at Carpenter Box said:

“To give the participants some encouragement, the staff in Worthing were able to watch the Tour de France on a TV while cycling. They all had a lot of fun over the two-days and raised a healthy amount of money at the same time for our Charitable Foundation.”   

Carpenter Box was one of the first businesses in the area to set up a charitable arm with a focus to support smaller local organisations that often find it difficult to raise funds. The foundation is run by staff trustees along with one partner, who together decide on donations and grants.

For more information about the Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation, please visit: https://www.carpenterbox.com//cbcf