Team Scrambled Legs Trek the Night Challenge

Holly Mitchell, Rachel Pearce, Siobhan McCann and Claire Buckley (team ‘Scrambled Legs’), with support driver David Hopper, undertook the Trek the Night Challenge for Action Medical Research. Here is their eventful tale from the night:

Saturday 15th July

Team ‘Scrambled Legs’ (L-R): Claire Buckley, Rachel Pearce, Holly Mitchell, Siobhan McCann

“Saturday night we all met and packed David’s car to the absolute brim, ‘yes David we do need all this food and water’ and ‘no it isn’t in the least bit excessive!’ We set off to our destination: Devils Dyke. Whilst the general public enjoyed their Saturday evening, teams were busy scurrying around doing last minute checks and starting the quiz (the quiz that would make a big difference to the final scores – more on that to follow!)

Once we registered, nerves started to set in, boots were on, coats on, bags packed, boots checked, head torches on, briefing about to start. We placed ourselves near the back for the briefing which meant we were near the start of the start line, potentially quite clever and strategic!

The task ahead: 40 miles across the South Downs Way

So that was it, we were off! Chit chat commenced and we soon found our rhythm. The first check point was too early to warrant stopping but rather a quick de layer and laden David with more stuff and we continued onwards to Newmarket Inn.

This was the longest stretch. But the walk through the somewhat Blair witch looking woods with a rope hanging from the trees in the dark of the night certainly helped to speed up the pace! As the sun came up the views were stunning, although tiredness was certainly setting in. But the cows and their calves and the lambs made for easy distractions to the task at foot.

Morning time: Sunday 16th July

The breakfast stop was much needed and blisters were in full force by now! Sitting down in hindsight was probably a terrible idea but at the time was too appealing to decline. Setting off after breakfast was slow and seeing those people who had opted for the 20 miles finish was tough. But we continued onwards and yet again upwards (for those of you who are unaware the South Downs Way is by no means flat!).

We walked, we stopped, we whinged about aching bones and feet, we talked, we were delighted to see David at each stop and more (yes he found us on more occasions than he had to!) and we walked some more. The pain became too much for Rachel and she stopped at just over 30 miles in, so we were down to three and still very determined.

As we approached the 7 sisters, Claire’s look of horror said it all just look down and keep going and don’t count the hills! Personal battles commenced, blisters bulged, knees ached, legs were on fire, zig zagging became popular but at no point were we going to give in.

The End

Photo finish! Team Scrambled Legs with support driver David Hopper

Other teams had dropped out along the way with one giving up with just over 3 miles to the end but we made it  there were tears as we crossed the finish line! David was an amazing support driver, ready at every stop with water, food, hugs, chairs and high fives. We were very lucky to have his support and encouragement.

We were told with all our points that we had accumulated that we came 6th out of the 16 that finished. However, on spotting a very low quiz score we asked for a re-count and have since been told we actually came 4th!

Since finishing the challenge, the team has crawled around, hobbled up and down stairs, lay horizontal for hours and some can’t even remove the blister plasters yet!

A massive thank you to all who sponsored us, our current total is £1,986.06 raised for Action Medical Research and we finished in 15 hours!”