Carpenter Box’s Staff Walk the Wight: Giving Back to the Community

Walk the Wight start line with Claire, John, Rob and David
Walk the Wight start line with Claire, John, Rob and David

In a remarkable show of dedication and philanthropy, four outstanding individuals from Carpenter Box embarked on a challenging journey to the Isle of Wight to participate in Mountbatten’s ‘Walk the Wight’. 

What is the ‘Walk the Wight’ challenge?

The Mountbatten’s ‘Walk the Wight’ event is an annual initiative that challenges the participants to walk an astounding 26 miles from the East coast to the West coast of the Isle of Wight.

Every year, the event brings together thousands of participants to support the Mountbatten Hospice, a remarkable organisation providing end-of-life care and support to the community.

What were they fundraising for?

Carpenter Box colleagues; John Billings, Rob Lee, Claire Huckle, and David Hopper set foot on this adventure. Their ultimate goal was to raise funds for the Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation (CBCF), as part of the company’s centenary celebrations.

It was no small feat, but John, Rob, Claire and David were determined to make a difference. They faced the challenge head-on, each step taken with unwavering determination and a desire to give back to the community that has supported Carpenter Box throughout its illustrious 100-year history.

Everyone involved showcased not only their physical endurance but also their commitment to the cause. The CBCF has been instrumental in supporting numerous local charities and initiatives. Hoping to make a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals in the region.

How much did the team raise?

The team’s intrepid journey across the Isle of Wight has raised a huge total of £2,200 for the CBCF. Not only does this represent a personal triumph for all the individuals involved, but also a remarkable testament to the power of compassion, unity, and the spirit of giving. Thanks to the incredible efforts of John, Rob, Claire, and David, we are now a step closer to achieving our 100 year fundraising goal of £50,000.

Well done to the team for their fantastic efforts and a big thank you to everyone who has donated and provided their support!