Construction and Real Estate Finance Services Brighton

Carpenter Box supporting the Construction Sector

Property and construction businesses make up the largest sector in the UK economy and Carpenter Box are proud to provide this industry with top quality service.

Construction Financial Advisers

The team of accountants, tax and business advisers at Carpenter Box have a broad range of knowledge and experience after working on a wide variety of clients. The team have extensive experience working with different clients from small property portfolios to large construction companies and niche developers.

The construction and real estate finance team in Brighton understand the struggles that accompany the industry and will work with you to support you fully. 

Tailor-Made Service

Through our partner-led service, we build relationships with our clients by offering them a full-service package, tailored to their needs. We provide timely and proactive, professional advice for each of our clients, supporting them through the strategic decision-making process and enabling objectives to be met. 

Financing your construction and real estate transactions effectively are crucial in today’s ever-changing economic environment and getting it right is the key to success. 

Our construction and real estate finance team support our clients with:

  • Fundraising for property transactions
  • VAT advice on property transactions including election to tax
  • Employment tax issues and status of workers
  • Construction industry tax issues
  • Advising on structures to minimise taxation on development and investment profits
  • Corporate finance work, including sales, acquisitions, mergers and fundraising

To discuss our Construction and Real Estate Services Brighton, call us on 01273 043678.