Corporate Finance Chichester

The Carpenter Box Corporate Finance team based in Chichester provide a wide range of advisory services for different clients, including business owners, management teams and investors. The Corporate Finance team can help you raise finance, buy or sell a business, review strategies or obtain grants. 

Supporting your Corporate Finance needs

Carpenter Box Corporate Finance team Chichester focus on the specific needs of individuals and businesses who are looking to invest in growing businesses or raise capital for mergers, acquisitions or a range of corporate business needs. The team will set out with the goal of making any transaction as smooth as possible. They do this through a fully managed service that coordinated lawyers, bankers, investors and venture capitalists. This ensures that you can benefit every step of the way. 

Global reach

There are many opportunities for growth across the globe in the corporate sector which means that working with an adviser who has extensive experience is very important. Here at Carpenter Box, we are members of Prime Global which means that we can provide our solutions to over 90 countries so you can do your business wherever, whenever you want.

Whichever direction you’d like to take your business, the team of Corporate Finance Advisers at Carpenter Box will be on hand to help you and ensure your dreams come to fruition. 

How we can help with our Corporate Finance Solutions:

Due diligence and financial due diligence

When making any business decisions you will need to undertake a detailed review of the financial records so you can understand the whole picture. Our team uses their financial expertise and knowledge to verify the businesses position and the claims they have made. We can recognise key drivers that point to success or failure meaning we can identify, at an early stage, any issues that may hinder future returns. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

A merger or acquisition is a very effective method of growing your business, in a short period of time. Through a merger or acquisition, you can build economies of scale, increase skills and knowledge and access new markets and customers, whilst reducing competition. The Corporate Finance team Chichester will support you throughout the entire acquisition or merger process, making sure you see the full benefits and rewards. 

Business Sales

When selling your business, you will need a well thought out plan to ensure you can achieve the best return. We have successfully supported many of our clients through business sales. Our clients know they can put their trust in us to plan and execute a strategy that will achieve the best outcomes. 

Our expert team of Corporate Finance professionals in Chichester have extensive experience in dealing with complex sales for a range of different client types. The experience the team has gained means they can seamlessly support our new clients from the beginning to the end of the sales process. The team take time to understand your business objectives to ensure they provide the right advice. They will also look to maximise the value of your business pre-sale, whilst still keeping the tax position of both parties in mind. 

If you’re looking to sell your business our Corporate Finance team in Chichester will provide you with access to a wide network of businesses and investors who may be potential buyers. 

Debt and Asset Finance Fundraising

Raising and identifying finance for your business can be very challenging. Our team will look at your business objectives, gather an understanding of your funding requirements and put your case together to provide lenders or investors with all the information they may require. 

Carpenter Box Corporate Finance team will then use their large network of banking and funding contacts to secure your finance, ensuring that they find the best solution to achieve your objectives.

Our Corporate financiers are made up of highly experienced accountants, tax advisers and ex-bankers. They use their combined knowledge and expertise of the market to predict how potential lenders will react, meaning you will always be fully aware of your position and the potential finance you can secure. 

Short-term Position Appointments 

We can also act as a sounding board to owners/managers of businesses providing an independent perspective.

Sometimes your business may need a short-term appointment if there is a skills gap or if a strategy needs to be executed and Carpenter Box can help. The team can find you a fully flexible, cost-effective solution for most short-term problems. In our experience, SMEs have found this very useful as they can gain access to management resources without the commitment of a full-time employee. The team can also act as a sounding board to business owners by providing a different and independent perspective. 

To discuss our Corporate Finance Services in Chichester, call us on 01243 467130 today.