Financial Advisers Brighton

An integrated approach

Our Brighton based financial advisers can provide integrated financial and tax advice services. Our financial advice and tax advice team also work closely to provide comprehensive wealth management solutions. 

The Carpenter Box financial advisers in Brighton work with business owners, individuals and professionals and they have a wide range of solutions to meet all different needs. 

Providing Practical advice

Our Brighton accountants have significant experience in financial advice allowing them to support you and/or your business with their wealth of knowledge and expertise. Their practical support gives you peace of mind that your affairs are under control. The team are highly regarded and trusted by high-net-worth individuals and businesses to look after their financial situations and have been successful in managing this for a number of years. 

Our proactive approach to working with clients allows us to develop strategic approaches to wealth maximisation. Our Brighton accountants will look to grow your investments whilst minimising tax, to ensure you can make the most of your finances. 

Our team always is and will be independent, unrestricted and without bias. Meaning, you can be certain we will act with integrity and look to find you the best solution for your needs and objectives. 

Our financial advisers Brighton can support you with:


Having a solid investment strategy is crucial in securing your financial future. Our financial advisers will work with you to identify any objectives and risks, this will ensure they can create a high-quality, tailor-made investment strategy just for you. The team can also survey the market using their expert skills and knowledge to analyse the performance of products, asset management firms, fund managers and management styles. 

The Carpenter Box financial advisers can also provide advice on Sustainable Investing to help you invest your money in a way that helps in the future and reflects your personal values. 

Pension Advice

Our financial advisers can outline a retirement plan, with your future in mind. They can outline this plan for you at any point in life. 

The retirement advisers will support you through all aspects of retirement planning. This can include state provisions, tax and wealth management. 

Tax Planning

Having a comprehensive tax strategy is also extremely important for your financial plan. Our team will work to reduce the amount of tax you pay, ensuring you benefit from tax relief where possible. The team will also manage your savings to minimise any future taxes and implement tax mitigation strategies. This lowers tax burdens and protects your wealth, in line with legislation. 

Estate Planning

Our team will help preserve your wealth to ensure it is protected after your death. This protection ensures that your wealth does not get caught in the Inheritance Tax Net. You can work with our private client solicitors or your own, and we will ensure you get your affairs in order and that your assets are protected and left for your loved ones to enjoy. 

Family Protection

Talking about financial repercussions after death, illness or injury can be difficult, however necessary to minimise risk and financial difficulty. Our team will be compassionate and help to alleviate any worries you may have whilst getting the right insurances in place to protect you and your loved ones. If you’d like more information on any of our

To discuss our Financial Advice Services Brighton, call us on 01273 043678.