Financial Advisers Chichester

Carpenter Box is an award-winning accountancy firm providing financial advice and wealth management services in Chichester, West Sussex.

Our mission as independent financial advisers is to make your life story be one of the aspirations fulfilled, rather than a list of missed opportunities. By helping you take your first steps toward financial freedom, we’ll ensure you’ll have peace of mind to enjoy your wealth now, and in the future.

Independent Financial Advisers

Here at Carpenter Box, we care about what’s important to you, the goals you are trying to achieve, and any concerns you might have about achieving them. Our specialist team will tailor a plan specifically towards you and your needs, so whether you’re planning for retirement, or looking for advice on savings and investments, you’ll be at the centre of our financial planning process.

We offer a wide range of specialist advice, including defined benefit pension transfers, long-term care and equity release, in addition to the typical areas of advice you would expect from financial advisers.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), all of our financial advisers are highly knowledgeable of the financial market and are dedicated to providing a professional service.

Our financial advisers can support you with independent financial advice in the following areas:


It is crucial to develop and maintain a solid investment strategy that will secure your financial future. Our financial advisers survey the market from an expert’s point of view, analysing the performance of asset management firms, the performance of products, fund managers, and fund management styles. We’ll work with you to determine your objectives and your attitude towards risk, and utilise this knowledge to create an investment strategy tailored specifically towards you.

We can also advise you on Sustainable Investing, helping you to invest your money for the greater good and in a way that reflects your personal values.

Pension Advice

No matter if you’ve reached retirement or you’re just starting your career, Carpenter Box financial advisers are here to help you plan for the future you’d like. We’ll work with you to determine your retirement goals, what income you’ll need to support yourself, and what type of retirement plan you should have.

Of course, a solid retirement plan is about more than just pensions. Our retirement advisers will assist you with all aspects of retirement planning, including tax and state provisions, as well as an all-inclusive strategy to manage your pension, investments, and cash accounts.

Tax Planning

It’s important to include a comprehensive tax strategy as part of your financial plan. We’ll ensure you pay as little tax as possible, and that your investments and savings are managed in a way that minimises any tax you might owe in the future – such as Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax. 

Additionally, we can implement tax mitigation strategies to help you lower your tax burden, so you can maximise your investments and protect your wealth in accordance with the most recent tax legislation. 

Estate Planning

Estate planning makes your life, as well as your loved ones’ lives, much easier. Our estate planning experts will help you implement a strategy to protect your wealth, so you can choose exactly where your money goes during your lifetime, and after your death.

We’ll help you preserve your wealth so it passes down the generations, rather than being caught in the Inheritance Tax net. Whether using our own private client lawyers or your own solicitor, we’ll help you get your affairs in order, giving you the reassurance that your assets will be left for your loved ones to enjoy.

Family Protection

While no one wants to think about the financial repercussions of death, illness, or injury, planning for these scenarios can minimise the risk of financial difficulty. Our compassionate financial advisers will help you get the right insurances in place to protect you and your family, giving you peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.

If you’d like more information on any of our Financial Planning Chichester services, you can contact us on 01243 467130.