Supporting franchise owners

If you are looking to invest in a franchise, or are a franchisor looking to expand their network, it is important you have a strong team behind you to help handle all financial and legal matters. These matters can often seem daunting and off-putting, but the good news is that you don’t need to be an expert in these areas to succeed. All you need is the support of our specialised team.

Here at Carpenter Box, we have the necessary expertise to help with the financials of running a business which can help your franchise to grow and flourish. Our team aims to take away the burden of financial reporting and tax planning leaving you, the business owner, with more time to concentrate on building your successful franchise business or network. We can support you from a compliance or finance administration point of view and everything in between; we tailor our services to your exact requirements.

We also have a large range of sector-specific advisers on hand to offer you expert advice on any business you may be looking to franchise, from cafes to shops.

How we can help:

Our extensive experience means we are well placed to meet all of your business needs, including:

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