Hong Kong: doing business in the UK


On 31 January 2021 the UK launched a new visa for Hong Kong British National (Overseas). This visa allows many Hong Kong citizens and their close family members to work or study in the UK.

The UK tax system is significantly different to Hong Kong and specialist advice should be sought before moving to the UK to ensure that you tax affairs are structured correctly.

Our specialist international tax team can provide a wide range of advice:

  • Advice on non-domiciled status (link to non-dom page).
  • Advice on the structure of overseas income and investments to ensure maximum tax efficiency.
  • Support with all aspects of UK tax e.g. income tax, employment taxes, inheritance tax, Capital gains tax, stamp duty land tax etc.
  • Registration and compliance with UK tax filing requirements.


Setting up a UK business as a standalone or subsidiary business requires many issues to be considered. The UK tax system is more complex than Hong Kong in many aspects and bring many considerations.

Read our guide for setting up in the UK

Our services include:

  • Recommending a tax efficient structure for your business.
  • Managing dual residency and double tax relief issues.
  • Advising on profit extraction routes.
  • Assisting with statutory filings and compliance.
  • Our specialist outsourced finance team can assist in the set up and running of a dedicated finance team.
  • Assist with registration and filing of statutory documents to ensure you maintain compliance.

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