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Established businesses have different needs to those just starting out. You will have established accounting and business processes and may have passed through a period of rapid growth. If you want to continue to grow your business, it’s key to review your business plan to ensure you are financially and operational efficient. We work with our clients to ensure that the focus on the business strategy and the tools to support it are not lost.

To maximise your potential, you need to critically review where you are now and decide where you want to be to create a road map for success. Be sure to undergo a thorough analysis of your business together with its opportunities and threats.

Whether you are seeking to perform better, grow faster or improve your leadership, a fresh pair of eyes may be exactly what you need to help you achieve your ambitions.


Audit and assurance

Compliance is key, even for a mature business. Make sure you are up-to-date with regulatory changes and have someone you trust doing the checks and balances. You should consider bringing in outside help, including a compilation report, assurance review or a full audit.

Can you demonstrate your business has the right controls and safeguards in place in case something goes wrong? It’s becoming an important aspect of doing business in both the public and private sector, and more and more businesses are investing in internal audits.

Corporate finance

Raising finance can be a challenge for any business at any point in their life cycle, but particularly when they are seeking to expand, refinance or release value. We work with management teams and private shareholders looking to raise private equity and debt finance to find the most appropriate funding solution.

An acquisition can also be one of the most effective ways to grow your business, but they are not without their challenges. To ensure your acquisition is successful, ensure you have a strategy in place, including an integration plan.

Reviewing your systems

You have staff to pay, tax returns to file and transactions to monitor. It may be that outsourcing your back-office functions (such as accounting, regulatory compliance and payroll) will allow you to focus leadership attention on expansion and growth. Outsourcing essential business functions can also aid growth by providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses on any size.

When was the last time you reviewed your business processes? A digital systems review can provide insight into potential cloud solutions to streamline your current processes, and provide you with a highly tailored solution specific for your business.

Managing your growing wealth

Managing your finances while pursuing your business goals can be a challenge. At this stage, tax efficient planning and investments can help you increase your income and achieve long term growth. Effective pension planning now should allow you to maintain your standard of living on retirement. It will also give you the benefit of maximum relief during your working life.

Be sure to find an adviser who will understand your needs, goals and objectives, and will help you achieve financial security for you and your family.

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