Helen Ruff

Helen has over 15 years of HR experience, working in large firms in the airline and finance industries. She earned her Certificate in Personnel Practice (CPP) qualification in 2008. Helen achieved her Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in 2012 at the University of Sussex.

Since joining Carpenter Box in 2017, Helen has worked alongside Partners and Directors on the onboarding of trainees and apprenticeships and supported staff with Wellbeing and Mental Health resources. While at Carpenter Box, she has onboarded numerous new staff, including our largest intake of trainees. In her time at the firm, it has grown from 170 to nearly 250.

Helen’s biggest project has been as a key member of the firm’s COVID-19 Task Force. This has involved meeting with the Partners weekly to ensure a safe environment for all clients and employees, monitoring Government guidance, and updating policies and working practices to reflect it.

Outside the office

Helen loves to travel, and her favourite destinations include New York, Australia, and Hong Kong. Her dream is to take a cruise around the world to see all its wonders.

To keep fit, she practises Vinyasa yoga and is a keen runner—having previously completed the ‘Race for Life’ to raise money for Cancer Research.

Areas of Expertise

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