Renata Cader

Renata is a driven outsourcing manager with a wealth of experience in international business. She gained her skills through her studies at the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business where graduated with a degree in Economics. She expanded her skills at her previous role where she worked at a multinational corporation providing financial services to international clients. After numerous years in the industry, Renata relocated to Sussex where she now works at our Crawley office.

As a manager, she prides herself on creating a fair and equal workplace to ensure the highest quality of service for clients. Moreover, by fostering an inclusive environment, she believes that the team’s synergy and productivity are greatly enhanced.

Outside the office

Renata regularly enjoys a long weekend where she can spend time focusing on self-care. Her regime includes travelling, reading and Pilates. In addition, she a keen on watersports and often looks forward to the summertime when she can paddle board across the South coast