Sarah Minton

Sarah is a seasoned Tax Manager at Carpenter Box’s Worthing office. Sarah returned to our team in 2023, bringing with her an impressive portfolio and nearly 25 years of experience in personal tax. However, this isn’t her first stint with us; she was a valuable member of our team in the late nineties, working diligently in accounts and audits before seizing the opportunity to shift to the personal tax team.

Sarah started her illustrious career in a junior role at a previous firm. Her exceptional performance, unwavering dedication, and sheer determination to excel quickly propelled her through the ranks. This rapid progression is a testament to Sarah’s expertise and her ability to adapt and thrive in challenging environments.

Over the years, Sarah has cultivated a profound understanding and wide-ranging knowledge of various aspects of personal tax. Her passion for her field is evident in the quality of her work and her commitment to staying abreast of the latest industry trends and changes. She consistently brings this wealth of knowledge to her role, providing top-notch service to our clients and contributing significantly to our team’s success. When it comes to Tax Sarah considers herself a jack of all trades.

Outside the office.

But there’s more to Sarah than just tax. Outside the office, she leads an active lifestyle, enjoying snowboarding, paddleboarding, and keeping fit. Her favourite place to hit the slopes is Whistler, Canada, but Tignes, France, is a close second. She fondly recalls spending a month living in the Alps while her husband spent a season there a few years ago.

Just as she navigates the complex world of tax with skill and precision, Sarah gracefully glides down snowy slopes with an equal amount of passion and enthusiasm. Much like her passion for tax, Sarah’s love for the slopes is undeniable.