New Later Life Care Service Support for Families Launched in Sussex

Carpenter Box Financial Advisers have teamed up with Legal & General to provide individuals and families across Sussex with help and guidance covering later life care, which has become more challenging as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The L&G Later Life Care service provides help on finding a suitable care home, looks at funding options and offers advice on support at home.

Gill Lynes, Senior Financial Planning Manager at Carpenter Box Financial Advisers

Carpenter Box Financial Advisers Senior Financial Planning Manager Gill Lynes says the Coronavirus pandemic has made an already complex area of planning for the future even more difficult to navigate.

Gill, an accredited member of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA), explains:

 “Making arrangements for later life care, and understanding how this can be funded, has always been a complex process. Choosing suitable care has become even more problematic in recent months in part because of the restrictions governing visits to care homes. However, with our guidance, individuals and their families can make sound decisions appropriate to their current circumstances while planning for the future.”

Gill and her team are specialists in care planning and funding and are approved panel members for L&G Later Life Care – a service that brings together lots of useful information all in one place that is free and easy to use. The service also includes an online Care Cost Calculator that can help predict the longevity of savings and identify any potential shortfalls.