MHA Manufacturing & Engineering Report 2019-20

UK SME manufacturers continue to grow and build resilience

This years’ report reveals that while global economic conditions, Brexit/future trading tariffs and staff shortages impacted growth, SMEs remain buoyant and they’re building resilience by increasing their assets, reducing borrowing and re-evaluating supply chains.

Our MHA Manufacturing & Engineering Survey Report is a go-to report when it comes to understanding the sector, its opportunities and challenges.

We benchmark SMEs across the UK to paint a national picture of the Manufacturing and Engineering sector. To broaden the content of this report and make it more useful as a benchmarking exercise we have changed our methodology this year. In addition to collecting responses to a client survey, we compare this against in-depth quantitative analysis which has been done in conjunction with our Data Insights team.

If you would like to discuss any of the issues raised in the report in the context of your business, please contact a member of our Manufacturing and Engineering team on 01903 234094.