School Fundraising Guide

FundEd has teamed up with the IDPE to help schools get the most from their fundraising.

Although harder for some, we believe it possible for all schools to fundraise effectively and this guide can help make this happen.

Once you know what you want to raise money for, how much you need to raise and have a time frame in which to raise it, you can put a strategy in place to succeed.

Fundraising as opposed to funding in general is used to buy products and services that provide an enriched education.  The nature of these products and services will help you build a compelling story and highlight the positive outcomes that your fundraising will achieve for the pupils at your school.  

This guide will focus on the fundraising, however if you need support developing your initial strategy it will help with that too.

For further information or advice please get in touch with a member of our Academies team on 01903 234094.