Using Conflict as a Catalyst for Change

A guide for embracing, managing and mitigating conflict within your organisation

Our MHA Not for Profit team have produced a comprehensive report to help you embrace, manage and mitigate conflict within your organisation. The guide recognises that conflict takes many forms over and above the guidance issued by the Charity Commission. It seeks to cover the various types of conflict that you could come across and recognises that some conflict can actually be a positive for the charity.

The report covers the following topics:

  • Conflict with Your Trading Subsidiary
  • Conflict of Leadership
  • Conflict Between the Needs of Today with the Demands of Tomorrow
  • Conflict Between the Board and the CEO
  • Managing Priorities
  • Conflict Amongst Your Trustees
  • Conflict can be Just What You Need
  • Conflict with Third Parties
  • Treasurers and Finance Directors
  • Transparency and Your Charity‚Äôs Reputation
  • Managing Conflict

If you have any questions about the issues raised in this report, please contact Robin Evans from our Not for Profit team on 01903 234094.