Wealth Management Update – August 2019

Welcome to our August Newsletter.

According to legend, August was named after Augustus Caesar and has 31 days because Augustus wanted as many days as Julius Caesar’s month of July. They pinched the extra day from February!

Fun facts aside, the political and economic picture is looking pretty unsettled. With Prime Minister Boris Johnson ploughing on with gusto ahead of an inevitable face off with the European Union, the pound is taking a beating during the uncertainty, but the good news is that UK employment is remaining resilient.

August’s weather is looking rather mixed, with no more heatwaves on the horizon and a north/south split between drizzle and slightly above average levels of sunshine.

We hope you have a great August, here is a collection of articles to add to your reading list.

Should you have any immediate concerns about how these market movements affect your finances, please contact Roy Thompson, Head of Wealth Management, on 01903 234094.