Wealth Management Update – December 2019

Welcome to our December newsletter.

Christmas is on the horizon: it’s time to prepare the food, decorate the tree and pick up a few last minute presents. We’re almost spoilt for choice when it comes to fun facts during the festive period: did you know that thanks to a successful marketing campaign in 1947, a large swathe of Japanese people actually have KFC on Christmas Day?

Here’s what we’ll be covering this month’s issue:

  • United Kingdom: We take a look at Economy and Industry – including how some of the high streets biggest names are feeling the pinch – and reveal some insight into how market shares were looking ahead of the recent General Election.
  • Brexit and Europe
  • United States
  • Global – including the Far East and Emerging Markets
  • In Other News

That’s all from us until January. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our commentary throughout the year and wish you a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year!

Feel free to get in touch with our Wealth Management team if you wish to discuss any of the content, or if you have any queries we can help you with.