Wealth Management Update – May 2020

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As many of us adjust to the new normal and hope for a speedy end to the crisis, it is more important than ever to look after ourselves. Part of that involves getting good quality time outdoors, and Spring is the perfect time to do just that. The health benefits of gardening, for instance, are substantial: from calorie burn to lowering blood pressure, you’ll also get plenty of vitamin D from the sun and feel less stressed.

Financial news has been dominated by the crisis and the Government’s reaction to it. With events changing almost daily it’s almost impossible to pick one figure that won’t be out of date within a matter of days. What we can say for sure is that the word ‘unprecedented’ continues to appear in headlines, and it seems we’ve all suddenly become aware of the word ‘furlough’.

We hope you enjoy this month’s articles, and remember to stay safe.

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