Wealth Management Update – September 2019

Welcome to our September newsletter.

September might be our ninth month of the year, but the Romans considered it their seventh, hence its Latin root ‘septem’ meaning ‘seven’. Speaking of seven, Glanmire Community College in Ireland has just enrolled seven sets of twins for the second year in a row. The odds of that happening are estimated at 10,000 to 1!

Good financial news is tough to come by lately as many economies are suffering under various pressures and the looming Brexit deadline. Some good news has been found in green energy: the largest electric vehicle in the world is a 45-ton construction truck that charges itself using a very efficient regenerative braking system while transporting rocks from Swiss mountaintops.

With that, as the leaves change colour and Autumn creeps across the country, we hope you have a great month and enjoy this newsletter’s content.

Should you have any immediate concerns about how these market movements affect your finances, please contact Roy Thompson, Head of Wealth Management, on 01903 234094.