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Pro-active and strategic tax planning for your business

At Carpenter Box we have some of the brightest tax specialists in the business. They can advise you on both compliance and advisory tax work, and help you develop the right approach for your business, no matters its size or sector.

 Our goal is to gain a clear understanding of your business and objectives, and work closely to help you achieve those goals as tax-efficiently as possible.

Strategic tax planning can help to achieve significant benefits for any business, fuelling consistent business growth and saving your company money. Our fully qualified and experienced corporate tax accountants are experts in creating tax-efficient solutions for businesses spanning a range of sizes.

We put great emphasis on providing practical advice well before the form-filling becomes necessary, maximising funds available to reinvest into the business.

Our global reach also means we can help you with your cross-border tax needs. Through our membership of PrimeGlobal we are able to provide advice across the globe to ensure you have complete peace of mind.

How we can help

Corporation tax

Corporation tax can represent a substantial part of your yearly trading costs. It should be monitored closely alongside other overheads to ensure your business is tax efficient and not overpaying.

Our team can assist with the preparation of company tax returns and tax computations, and provide advice on any tax planning areas that may benefit you and your company. We also provide advisory services to ensure you are taking full advantage of the allowances and reliefs available.

Corporate restructuring

If you’re looking for a corporate reorganisation, we can assist with restructuring your taxation arrangements to maximise their effectiveness. We will always ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.

Employment tax

Although staff are your business’ greatest asset, their management can be time consuming and complex. Employing people often represents one of the top three costs to a business, so managing payroll risk and ensuring compliance are essential in controlling cost.

By using tax efficient, flexible employee benefits you can deliver greater actual value to your employees without necessarily increasing costs. This enables you to keep up with the competition in attracting and retaining your top talent. We can provide you with comprehensive advice around employment tax matters, and make sure your benefits package stands out.

Partnership tax

Whether you are operating through a traditional partnership or an LLP, partnership taxation is a potentially complex area. Take advantage of our expertise in advising partnerships to ensure that tax liabilities are kept to a minimum.

Our specialist areas include:

VAT and customs duties
R&D tax reliefs
International tax support
Creative sector reliefs
Property and land tax

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