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Using cloud-based accounting software is just the start. Whatever your industry or sector, there’s an add-on that can support your business and integrate with your finances. Take a look at some of our favourites below.

Expenses and invoicing


AutoEntry eliminates manual data entry for SMEs, accountants and bookkeepers. Available as a web or mobile app, AutoEntry captures and analyses data from scanned and photographed receipts, invoices, bank and card statements and more, and securely inputs this information into accounting software. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero, QuickBooks Online, Sage and more.

Expensify offers complete automation to handle your expenses in real time that includes reconciling your company corporate cards. It also provides a built in authorisation process for managers to approve staff expenses quickly and easily.
Works with Xero, QuickBooks Online and Sage.

Dext is the business expense tracker that tracks, reads and stores your receipts and invoices on the go, so you can focus less on finance and more of your time on what really matters: growing your business.
Works with Xero, FreeAgent, QuickBooks Online and Sage.

Management reporting

FUTRLI is cloud software that gives businesses, accountants and advisors tomorrow’s insights, today. The company has more than 16,000 subscribers in over 100 countries. The platform seamlessly integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Online, as well as connecting to others. It integrates Forecasting, Dashboards, KPIs, Alerts, Business Monitoring, Consolidation (Reporting & Forecasting) all in one place to help businesses forecast tomorrow, understand today and action a better future.
Works with Xero and QuickBooks Online.

Fathom is an easy to use management reporting and financial analysis tool, which helps you to assess business performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities. It’s particularly useful if you have a number of companies or sites you wish to report on. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero and QuickBooks Online.

Staffing and Human Resources

CitrusHR combines easy-to-use HR software that syncs to Xero with access to HR consultants so your business is always fully protected. They specialise in helping small businesses with HR advice, employment contracts & policies, holiday management, expenses management, time-tracking, appraisals, payroll, reminders of key HR dates, and Health & Safety – all for one low monthly fee.
Works with Xero.

Deputy is an intuitive workforce management solution that makes it easy to roster employees, manage time and attendance, track performance, and improve workplace communication. With apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, Deputy empowers a world of mobility, integrates beautifully with leading business software like payroll and Point of Sale systems, and transforms the way businesses operate.
Works with Xero, QuickBooks Online and Sage.

Cash collection

GoCardless is the UK’s leading Direct Debit provider offering a simple and cost-effective way for all businesses to accept recurring payments.  Set up and manage your account online for just 1% fees per transaction capped at £2 – no hidden costs or minimum term.  Join over 20,000 other businesses already using GoCardless to ensure they get paid on time, every time. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero, FreeAgent and QuickBooks Online.

iZettle makes on the go cash collection quick and easy. From accepting any type of payment to tracking sales, iZettle turns your smart phone or tablet into a complete mobile Point of Sale system. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero.

Credit control and invoice funding

CHASER, Xero’s Add-on Partner of the Year 2016, is first-class credit control software. CHASER is an advanced, intelligent way to automate the process of chasing your overdue invoices. Offering an easy-to-use, flexible debt chasing platform with a human-touch. If you’re trying to boost your business’s cash flow, CHASER is a no-brainer! Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero.

Satago helps SMEs accelerate their cash flow by advancing payment on invoices through our innovative credit control software. Our credit control software is provided free to cloud-accounting users so they can automate the chasing of customers for payment and monitor the credit risk of their sales ledger. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero, FreeAgent, QuickBooks Online and Sage.

MarketInvoice helps UK businesses take charge of their cash flow, quickly and easily. Businesses can choose from a range of working capital solutions, including invoice finance and business loans. Since 2011, MarketInvoice has provided over £1 billion in funding to help businesses with day-to-day operations, growth and expansion.
Works with Xero and Sage.

International payment

TransferMate, the leading international payments provider, offers better exchange rates and faster service when sending and receiving international payments. All MHA Carpenter Box clients receive free international transfer and access to daily webinars. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero, QuickBooks Online and Sage.

Payoneer enables you to grow globally by facilitating seamless, cross-border payments. With Payoneer’s fast, flexible, secure and low-cost solutions, businesses and professionals can now pay and get paid globally, as easily as they do locally. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero.

E-Commerce systems

Weava uses your Amazon VAT Transaction Reports to work out your sales figures between different countries and accurately applies the appropriate tax rate. Tell Weava which EU countries you are VAT registered in and they can calculate Pan European VAT.

Works with Xero.

Rocketspark is a UK hosted website builder that gives you all the tools you need to create and run your own website. Create an online store and easily connect your e-commerce website with Xero accounting software and Vend point of sale plus many other Xero add-ons.
Works with Xero, Vend, Stripe and Infusionsoft.

Job costing and management

TidyWork is cloud based project management software, powerful and delightfully simple to use. TidyWork integrates with Xero and other software; it keeps track of time, materials, expenses; it alerts you when milestones are due. TidyWork takes the guesswork out of quotes using information gained in previous projects. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero.

simPRO Software develops business management cloud solutions for the trade and service industries. With simPRO, you can streamline your entire workflow, from estimating to service delivery and payment processing. Keep your cash flow positive, and enjoy complete visibility across your entire workforce as well as real-time office-to-field connectivity. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero and QuickBooks Online.

Stock and inventory

Unleashed is an easy-to-use online inventory management software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Access real-time information of your inventory, sales and margins – anytime, anywhere. Create custom workflows with open API or use Unleashed’s integration with leading accounting, CRM, eCommerce, Point-of-Sale and analytics platforms to enable seamless end-to-end solution. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero and QuickBooks Online.

TidyStock is cloud based inventory management software, powerful and delightfully simple to use. TidyStock integrates with Xero. Keep track of items from purchase to storage, assembly and sale. Produce packing slips and sales quotes. Use TidyStock to manage multiple locations, different price levels and multiple currencies. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero.

CRM systems

Infusionsoft offers an integrated email marketing and sales platform for small businesses, including products to streamline the customer lifecycle, customer relationship management, marketing automation, lead capture, and e-commerce. Abundant Solutions are triple award winning Infusionsoft Partners who we recommend for all Infusionsoft sales, training and support. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero.


Vend is cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management software that lets retailers run their business in-store, online, and on-the-go. Vend’s software includes inventory management, E-commerce, customer loyalty, and reporting analytics. Vend is simple to set up, works with a wide range of point of sale devices and operates on any web-capable device with a browser. It even works offline. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero.

Kounta’s is a flexible cloud-based Point of Sale System. It can be used in both on and offline modes on smartphones, tablets, laptops and even the traditional POS equipment stores already have, while seamlessly connecting to your accounting software.
Works with Xero and QuickBooks Online.

The Good Till Company is a fast and user-friendly POS solution. It offers built-in modules, reporting functions and business support features, to enable you to easily access data on everything from stock management to sales and profit margins.
Works with Xero.


Implement Manu Online in your business to manage your order books and plan your materials, labour, machinery and subcontractors. Manu Online helps make your customer service more accurate; lead times are faster, inventories reduced and admin work minimised. A small company cannot grow without a good system, and Manu Online is right for manufacturing and also for more demanding b2b technical wholesaling.
Works with Xero.

TidyEnterprise enables businesses to better manage and plan projects, staff resources and inventory to optimise profitability and efficiency. Know at a glance which projects are delivering profitability and which are not. Streamline and optimise inventory management to improve working capital. Reduce administration overhead through complete workflow management and automatically pushing data into Xero.

Combining the full functionality of both TidyStock and TidyWork, TidyEnterprise provides a unique solution for small and mid-sized manufacturers when dealing with creation of stock items from raw materials or sub components or where the item being sold is a combination of materials, time and expenses and accurate tracking and management of resources is essential to ensure profitability.
Works with Xero

Property management

Re-Leased is one central hub for property management and accounting, bringing together all your people, accounts, lease management, inspections and maintenance and more. Designed for landlords and property managers with commercial and mixed portfolios, Re-Leased is built on a foundation of intelligence, automation and mobility. Complex tasks are simplified and streamlined, giving you back time so you can focus on growing your business.

Arthur Online helps simplify the process of property management by offering apps for property managers, their tenants, contractors, agents and owners in addition to  providing real time reporting, document management and multi-user accounts. It also integrates seamlessly with Xero, moving data from Arthur to Xero and back again. Get in touch for more information.
Works with Xero.


Farmflo makes farming compliance easy. This farmer friendly system is designed to improve the speed and accuracy of keeping farm records for compliance reporting and traceability.
Works with Xero.

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