Global mobility

Global mobility is a key feature in driving business success, and international assignments will help you establish footholds in new markets. Cross-border operations add more complexity, and you will need to consider legal and compliance requirements in the UK and abroad.

Our private client tax team is experienced in dealing with the specific needs of British citizens who live and work abroad, as well as those that come to live in the UK.

Managing internationally-mobile employees requires an in depth understanding of the tax and social security rules in multiple jurisdictions. It is important to understand the cost, administrative and reporting implications for the business. You also need to consider tax and social security implications for the employees themselves.

Our expert team of global mobility specialists advises many large businesses across a broad range of scenarios; from assisting employers who are seeking to expand into or out of the UK for the first time, to helping businesses meet international withholding and reporting obligations. An important part of our service is to support assignees with their personal tax affairs under expatriate programmes. This ensures they can focus on their roles rather than their tax affairs.

How we can help with global mobility

  • Tax equalisation strategies
    If assignees are relocating from a higher or lower tax jurisdiction, we can assist you in designing a ‘tax equalisation’ strategy that will make an employee’s decision to relocate a tax-neutral one.
  • Assisting you with implementing and administering appropriate payroll arrangements
    Along with our partners across PrimeGlobal we can advise you on optimising your payroll arrangements for cross-border individuals and assist with administering any modified, shadow or local payrolls.
  • Assisting you with meeting your employees other expectations
    Dual taxation can be complex. We can assist in explaining the complexities in an understandable way to your employees so that they feel comfortable that they understand their own tax position.
  • Supporting your UK inbound and outbound assignees
    We and our PrimeGlobal partners can assist in the completion or your employees personal tax return. We can also support them with the management of their tax compliance obligations. This includes ensuring they utilise and maximise all available tax reliefs and make sure all payments are made on time.

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