International tax planning

As your business grows, international tax planning and structuring is essential to keep your global tax bill from skyrocketing. Not only do you need an adviser with a deep understanding of UK tax rules, you also need them to be experts in interacting with overseas legislation to minimise double taxation.

You will need to consider your group structure, and how you will set up foreign operations (including subsidiaries). An effective transfer pricing strategy is also invaluable to support inter-company transactions.

International tax planning for companies and groups

Businesses operating in the UK must contend with one of the world’s most complex tax and regulatory regimes. That’s before they even considered any international aspects of their activities!

Corporate tax rates vary significantly from country to country, determining where your profits arise and are taxed. It is an essential part of business compliance, particularly with tax authorities in each affected territory wanting to tax their share. 

Our specialist team advises individuals and companies on all aspects of UK tax.

How we can help:

  • Advice on setting up in the UK – international structuring
  • Advice on corporate residency and permanent establishment issues
  • Repatriation of profits and the mitigation of double taxation
  • Controlled Foreign Company Rules
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Thin capitalisation
  • Diverted profits
  • Global Mobility
  • Support with all aspects of UK tax e.g. Corporation tax, employment taxes, VAT etc.
  • Registration and compliance with UK tax filing requirements

International tax planning for individuals

In a globally mobile world, individuals need to understand that they will create a more complex tax environment and may need to take advice to ensure they understand the costs and complexities of being truly mobile.

Our specialist international tax team are experts in advising both inbound and outbound individuals to ensure they remain compliant and structure their affairs in the most tax efficient manner.

How we can help:

  • Residency advice for inbound and outbound individuals.
  • Advice on the benefits and drawbacks of the UK’s Non-domicile tax regime.
  • Pre-arrival planning, including account structuring and bed and breakfasting considerations.
  • Support with all aspects of UK tax e.g. income tax, employment taxes, inheritance tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty land tax etc.
  • Registration and compliance with UK tax filing requirements.
  • Support on all tax aspects of purchasing UK residential property, including eventual disposals.

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